Friday, May 27, 2016

Go Eat Worms!

This month I read Goosebumps: Go Eat Worms! The book is about a boy named Todd who has one of the strangest habits in his whole neighborhood., he collects worms. Todd can be a little bit of a pest. He can really annoy his sister Regina and her friend Beth by dropping worms down their necks and dropping them in their hair.    

One day when Todd and his friend Danny are digging up worms on the baseball field in the playground they thought there was an earthquake,but then they find out that the rest of the playground wasn’t affected by the “earthquake” at all. After cutting a worm in half strange things start to happen like worms crawling inside his baseball cap, worms appearing in his lunch and even in his bed,EWW! Are the worms getting their revenge or is it all part of a sick joke?

I thought the book was really interesting. At first I thought the beginning was sort of boring ,but as I kept reading it just kept getting more and more interesting. Like when Todd keeps finding worms everywhere he goes it just kept making me think of more questions. I won’t give away the ending but it’s a real twist that blew my mind. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery, action, or the Goosebumps series. 

By Vinny A.

Go Eat Worms, R.L. Stine
AR level: 3.7
AR points: 3

Fuzzy Mud

I read Fuzzy Mud, by Louis Sachar. This book is about two kids who go to a private school in Pennsylvania. One day they cut through the woods to avoid a bully and it changes their lives forever. The main characters are Tamaya and Marshall. Tamaya is nice and smart, and Marshall is smart and tough. Marshall is getting bullied by a kid named Chad. Even though Tamaya is in 5th grade and Marshall is in 7th grade, they have always walked home from school together.

A boy named Chad was bullying Marshall and he challenged Marshall to fight him after school. So to avoid the fight he and Tamaya take a shortcut home through the woods. Tamaya accidentally steps in fuzzy mud when Chad finds them, but they still make it home. The next morning Tamaya has a weird rash and Chad is not at school. Tamaya and Marshall go back into the woods to find him and they get lost. Will they find Chad before it’s too late?

I think the book was good because it had a lot of action. It was very climactic and I would recommend  it to a friend. I give it 9 out of 10 stars. I know it was very action packed because Tamaya gets diagnosed with a disease caused by the fuzzy mud. Can she get cured? 

By Sadie W.

Fuzzy Mud, Louis Sachar
AR level: 5.0
AR points: 5

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The book I read was Me And Earl And The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. The book is about a kid named Greg Gaines, and how he doesn't want to be part of any groups at high school, and doesn't want any friends, so everyone likes him. He is a fat, introverted kid who wants nothing to do with anyone or any group.

Until his old girlfriend Rachel gets diagnosed with leukemia.

*FlashBack Mode*  int. Greg’s House- Afternoon *note- Greg is dating Rachel in the flashback*  - Greg informs Rachel he just wanted to be friends - (The following is Greg - Rachel’s phone Conversation)

Rachel “that’s fine.”
Greg “great”
Rachel “Wanna come over?”
Greg “Uh, can’t.  My foot’s stuck in a toaster.”
Rachel “Seriously, do you want to come over?”
Greg “I have to sort out this toaster thing first.”
                        *Greg Hangs Up*(Greg breaks up with Rachel soon after)

*Out Of Flashback. Back to Summary*

Greg has a friend named Earl. Greg and Earl are not just friends, they are Co-Workers.
Greg and Earl make remakes of films. Four years after the “breakup” Rachel gets diagnosed with leukemia. Greg’s mom forces him to hang out with her. They build a small friendship. Then Earl shows Rachel the films he promised no one would see.

The book was brilliant! However, I would not recommend it to everyone because of it’s mature content. The book was great!!!

By Emma M.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Jesse Andrews
AR level: 5.2
AR points: 8

The Penultimate Peril

The book I read was The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket. The main characters are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. Violet is very smart. She is an excellent inventor and her inventions are very helpful. Klaus is also very smart. He has most likely read every book there is. Reading is very helpful for the Baudelaires. If anything bad will happen he will know what to do! Sunny has just grown out of her “ babyhood” so she hasn’t really done anything right now, but she is an excellent cook. 

In this book, the Baudelaires are sent to a hotel in a taxi cab by a girl, Kit Snicket. She had these uniforms for them to dress up in. Their job was to find either Frank or Ernest, either a volunteer or a villain. Unfortunately they did not find out who was who. The children also got accused for killing a man, Dewey Denouement. Of course they would not kill anyone, but Count Olaf would. Now the children are on a boat with Count Olaf, having no idea where they are going to end up.

This book was very good. If you read this book, interesting things happen that you probably would NOT ever imagine would happen. Sunny especially did something that was crazy but not crazy at the same time. Can you guess what she did?

By Norah T.

The Penultimate Peril, Lemony Snicket
AR level: 7.4
AR points: 7

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Underdogs

I am reading a novel called The UNDERDOGS written by Mike Lupica. So far this book is about a kid named Will who loves football. The town is cancelling his football league because they don’t have enough money. Will is a very fun, athletic, and friendly person. He likes to play with his friends and loves football.

Will and his friends from his football team are all getting together and trying to raise money. They are having trouble thinking of a way to raise money. They are running out of time because there are only 2 weeks left. They have to raise enough to get uniforms, gear, equipment, and also to pay the fees that the Ref charges.

So far I like this book very much. This book is extremely exciting. Is Will going to make the deadline? I highly recommend this book to people. I liked this book because it has a lot of cliff hangers. Once again, I highly recommend this to all sports fans.

By Costa K.

The Underdogs, Mike Lupica
AR level: 5.2
AR points: 9

Brian's Winter

I read Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen. It is about Brian Robeson; a thirteen year old boy that is still lost in the Canadian wilderness with one tool, a hatchet. It is the second book in the Hatchet series. This book answers the question, What if Brian was never rescued and had to survive the winter? Brian is smart because he made a bow out of a stick and string and arrows out of sticks and flint. He is also smart because he stayed close to the plane just in case someone knew where the plane was. Brian is brave because he was in the Canadian wilderness by himself with bears, wolves, and other animals that could hurt him. A couple of times he even saw a bear but did not run away.

To survive, Brian used the bow that he made to kill rabbits, deer, and a moose. He hunted foolbirds with the gun he found in the survival bag that he got from the plane in the book Hatchet. Brian made a small spear out of a stick that he sharpened with his hatchet to go spearfishing. He cooked the meat and fish with a fire that he made by using dry grass, a twenty dollar bill that he had in his pocket, a rock that he found on the ground, and his hatchet, which he scraped on the rock to make sparks.  Brian made snowshoes out of deer hide/skin so he could walk on the snow without sinking in. Brian lived under a small overhang. He made walls out of rocks and made a small hole in the top to let the smoke from the fire out. Once when he was hunting, he saw a bear and a skunk that he named Betty. Betty scared the bear away to protect Brian. After that Brian had to keep feeding Betty or Brian thought that he would get sprayed. Also Brian saw wolves eating a moose when he was hunting. When Brian was going to sleep and he heard gunshots kind of close to him, he looked outside and saw nothing so he went back to bed. At the end of the story Brian found dog sled tracks so he followed them and they lead to a house. The house had sled dogs and the dogs were barking at Brian.  A man and his family heard the dogs barking so they came to the door and opened it and said “hello, who are you?”  Brian said “I got in a plane crash over there” and the man said “I smelled your smoke but I didn't want to bother you” and the man let him in his hut to have some beaver because they had enough for everyone. Brian stayed with them for three weeks until a plane came to pick Brian up and bring him home.

I liked the book because of all the skills that Brian used to survive. Also, it was written by my favorite author Gary Paulsen. I would recommend that you read Hatchet before you read Brian's Winter because otherwise you will not understand Brian’s Winter. I would rate it four out of five stars. I will recommend it to my friends and family to read

By Joshua James

Brian's Winter
AR level: 5.9
AR points: 6

Five Epic DIsasters

I finished the book I Survived True Stories, by Lauren Tarshis . One of the stories in this book is about a tsunami that happens in Japan. Lots of buildings, roads and many homes are washed away. In one of the sections, the tsunami washed a boat onto a building.  The main characters, Kamaishi, Kana and Fumiya have to evacuate their school and go on top of a car garage. Kamaishi is very smart and gives others ideas to help out during this tsunami.  

In this section many families die and many people died because of the tsunami. Also in this section an earthquake happens right before the tsunami. It was the biggest earthquake to hit the country since 1933. Also, fires even started while the water flowed through the streets and city.

I think that this book was very great. This book was filled with action and gave a very good description too of what happened during these true events. I recommend this book to anyone who would like My Side Of The Mountain. Both books are filled with action and survival. For example it says that some of the waves were 133 feet high.
Will they make it out alive or die in the lurking waters

By: Ethan H.

I Survived True Stories: Five Epic Disasters, Lauren Tarshis
AR level: 6.3 
AR points: 2